Yesterday’s [August 16, 2015] mission with the Hear for You team (Kristi MCGaffin, Melissa Hillock, Lee Baggott, Dan Baggott and Andrew Roth) in Amsterdam, NY was a truly great success.  This was the first year for the event and proved to be a very moving day.  All of the candidates we had in attendance were truly happy that they received the gift of better hearing.  With all the different types of hearing loss at varying degrees of severity it is difficult to understand what one is going through on a daily basis.  Whether it is affecting their job or making it difficult to hear family at home hearing loss has a big impact on the overall well being and health if left untreated.  Together with the Broadalbin- Perth Lions Club and the Amsterdam Rotary we were able to fit 14 candidates with quality digital hearing health care.

Giving to others and helping improve situations is something we can all do to make the world a more loving and caring place.  As we sat down for dinner after the mission we couldn’t help but think we gave the chance to have others hear their families again at their own dinner table.  Whether we are doing this for a paying customer or a qualified mission candidate that feeling and duty does not change.  We are in the industry of better hearing and work for a company that makes it happen everyday. What is more rewarding than that?