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Andrew Roth suggested Lovio 1000 hearing aids for me. All of the features are good for me and they fit well. I love that they are rechargeable and easy to adjust and clean. Very good service.
Eileen Vargas, on Google
Hi I have been a customer of Andrew Roth's for four years and have just purchased my Livio AI hearing aids two months ago and would like to say these aids are a huge improvement over the previous generation hearing aid. Number one on my list is the sound, it sounds normal not like the previous ones that had an unnatural amplification. Number two - No Batteries. just pop them in the charger and they are good to go the next morning. Number three - I have tinnitus real bad (siren going off 7/24 quite loud) in both ears, these aids have a tinnitus feature which can be adjusted by Andrew which emits a white noise sound for your ears to listen to, which for me is wonderful the tinnitus doesn't go away but is more bearable. Number four - is an option called a mini mic I use it to amplify our TV's sound, wife's ears are phenomenal (she can hear me scrounging for a treat in the kitchen while she is upstairs cleaning (I'm sure you know what I mean). Number five is I can control all the options my aids are capable of using a program (THRIVE) on my cellphone. You are probably wondering why I didn't rate the Livio AI with five stars after all the wonderful features I described. I will need to discuss this with Andrew at my next appointment my IPhone doesn't stay paired with my aids. This is not a horrid thing as the only time I need the phone paired is when I am watching TV. All the basic functions can be controlled with the buttons on the aids.
Bob Rowe, on Google
Elias Ortega, Jr, on Google

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